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Zeppelin enjoys a wonderful life with his family….Jody, Ric, Sarah, Ben, and Sam. He lives out on a beautiful farm with two other horses, Ekko (a Fjord gelding owned by Sarah) and Oliver. Zeppelin is given attention all the time and loves to interact with people, even more than with horses! Here are some pictures of him with his family (human and horses). We recently got a lot of snow up here in Maine and Zeppelin loves it!


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Hello world!

Wow, this is pretty cool! This will be my first time blogging and I am excited to get started. I have created my own website on the Dreamweaver program and I also have an online store at Site Builder Express.net. I am getting good at using Facebook but I do not have a Twitter account. I think that blogging will be great for me to expand and meet new people. I would also love to inspire other equestrians out there as well as artists and young entrepeneurs. This world could use more inspiration and passion! I can’t wait to search through current blogs and meet new and interesting people!

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