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Trivium’s New Music Video

As many of you know, my brother is a well-known guitar player in a band called Trivium. He is my younger brother by exactly two years to the day. He was always the entertainer as we grew up, making me laugh all the time! His Jim Carrey impersonations were my favorite! Anyway, he always knew that he wanted to be a rockstar, just like I wanted to be a horse trainer. So I am always so excited to promote his accomplishments because I am very proud of him. Their music is a bit heavy for my taste but they are all so talented that it is amazing to see what they can create together. I do believe this song is featured on a video game called God of War. So here is their new video recorded in Matt’s (the lead singer-a very smart, talented guy) new studio apartment. My favorite part is at the end when they show clips of Corey being goofy. That reminds me of my little brother before he was taller than me and had long hair. Enjoy!  http://www.trivium.org/board_posts/shattering-the-skies-above-official-video


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