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The internet is such an amazing tool. I have always heard that to run a business your success depends on “location, location, location”. How quickly the times have changed! Now you can manage and market a business from anywhere, as long as you have a computer. I did not go to college for business, marketing, or web design. I have been teaching myself to create websites, an online store, a blog, an e-mail newsletter, and how to utilize Facebook and YouTube for my business. I am inspired every day to see that I can reach people all over the country and the world through the little computer in front of me. Living in Maine actually is an asset to my business because I am promoting Maine Made products and supporting the local economy by only using small businesses. I hope you will find more and more businesses that market themselves as local business supporters. There is definitely a shift amongst Americans to support locally grown food and buy products Made in the USA. I see people making a conscience effort every day to check their labels, go to the organic food section, and even pay a little more for products that will stimulate our home economy. I would love to hear how you are taking steps to make your life and your business a success in Maine. Now I am headed outside on this gorgeous February day-I am not kidding! The warmest February I have ever seen!


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