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The internet is such an amazing tool. I have always heard that to run a business your success depends on “location, location, location”. How quickly the times have changed! Now you can manage and market a business from anywhere, as long as you have a computer. I did not go to college for business, marketing, or web design. I have been teaching myself to create websites, an online store, a blog, an e-mail newsletter, and how to utilize Facebook and YouTube for my business. I am inspired every day to see that I can reach people all over the country and the world through the little computer in front of me. Living in Maine actually is an asset to my business because I am promoting Maine Made products and supporting the local economy by only using small businesses. I hope you will find more and more businesses that market themselves as local business supporters. There is definitely a shift amongst Americans to support locally grown food and buy products Made in the USA. I see people making a conscience effort every day to check their labels, go to the organic food section, and even pay a little more for products that will stimulate our home economy. I would love to hear how you are taking steps to make your life and your business a success in Maine. Now I am headed outside on this gorgeous February day-I am not kidding! The warmest February I have ever seen!


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Oh boy do I get excited to wake up in the morning, the wind howling and the thermometer reads -2 degrees….getting all dressed up in my many layers (see detailed description below), and pounding out ice buckets. It’s days like these that make you question why we live in such a frigid place………..luckily I have come to accept and appreciate the extreme weather in Maine and try to take advantage of it whenever possible. If it were gorgeous fall weather (my favorite: wearing a fleece jacket and vests) every day then I would have no extra time to catch up on other activities such as my artwork. I probably would have never even started my art business in the first place if it weren’t for all those extra evening hours. I would pop in a movie and just start painting, I started with wooden horse ornaments and then went to peg racks and trunks. Nowadays I venture to more artistic pieces on canvas or large wood backgrounds. Anyway, back to living in Maine.

I think that we define ourselves as a person when you can make the choice to be happy and find the positive in things even when the external factors are so grim.  There was a time when I just wanted to be somewhere warm, like Florida, and somewhere exciting, …like Florida. So I was a working student one winter and then I have recently been travelling to Tallahassee to give clinics and judge. But after a lot of flying and traveling you just feel like staying home. I welcome the change of seasons to have the time to “chill out”-literally- and focus on different things.

So here’s to all the Mainers who tuff it out everyday in the freezing cold, 6 months of the year and then enjoy the beautiful summer, 3 months, and fall, a short 2 months…..

My barn dress code….if you want to be warm all day in 2 degrees and windchill of -15.

Head: neckwarmer, ear warmer (i get annoyed wearing hats because i have too much hair in a ponytail)
Upper body: turtleneck, wool sweater, down vest, fleece jacket, outer jacket
Hands: Thinsulate gloves that are a little large because then you get great air flow-hot hands! Mittens are great over thinner gloves although they are a little tricky with the reins
Lower body: Kerrits summer breeches, fleece winter breeches, Mountain Horse riding snowpants (i love these because they look like snowboarding pants and i can wear them everywhere)
Feet: Smartwool socks, Mountain Horse winter paddock boots or my Mountain Horse tall winter boots (the new ones have a side zipper that seems to be doing well, I am a zipper killer-they also have a spanish cut on the outside that i like)

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