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I am rarely ever sick, I don’t think I have stayed home with a head cold for years. But as fate would have it, I got one. On Valentine’s Day of all days, very romantic-just napping all day with a fever and headache. Come Monday morning and I just didn’t feel recovered enough to venture outside. So I stayed in bed all day and finally finished the new website for Pegasus Bellydance! I teach basic bellydance classes and perform with my friend Lydia Rose. Pegasus Bellydance is the name of our dance troupe. Morgan Smith, Wendy Grave, Valerie Warren, and Julie Day are a few of the other dancers that perform group routines with us. Lydia is also an amazing artist and her digital painting of a bellydancer (seen below) was the inspiration for the layout of the site. Check it out: http://www.pegasusbellydance.com

Painting by Lydia Rose


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