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At the end of May I performed in my first play! I joined the Slightly Off Center Players at the Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Under the direction of Bobby Keniston I played the character Cecily Cardew. Our rehearsal process was almost 8 weeks and boy did we need that time to memorize all those lines! I learned so much from all the other actors, stagehands, and of course from Bobby. Our small cast became such a tight-knit group.

The Cast

I will have many fond memories, especially Lucas with his English rendition of Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean. I don’t think anyone else could be so flexible when they walked! Teresa Myers did an amazing job as Miss Prism and it was a little scary to see her transform into a stern governess after a lot of makeup. I won’t forget my “pepto bismol” dress-it was ALL pink! But it did fit my character, especially with the ribbon bow in my hair.Anyone who has not seen the play the Importance of Being Earnest is missing out-the cleverness of playwright Oscar Wilde made me laugh and giggle all throughout rehearsals!

The Cast backstage


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