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Trivium’s New Music Video

As many of you know, my brother is a well-known guitar player in a band called Trivium. He is my younger brother by exactly two years to the day. He was always the entertainer as we grew up, making me laugh all the time! His Jim Carrey impersonations were my favorite! Anyway, he always knew that he wanted to be a rockstar, just like I wanted to be a horse trainer. So I am always so excited to promote his accomplishments because I am very proud of him. Their music is a bit heavy for my taste but they are all so talented that it is amazing to see what they can create together. I do believe this song is featured on a video game called God of War. So here is their new video recorded in Matt’s (the lead singer-a very smart, talented guy) new studio apartment. My favorite part is at the end when they show clips of Corey being goofy. That reminds me of my little brother before he was taller than me and had long hair. Enjoy!  http://www.trivium.org/board_posts/shattering-the-skies-above-official-video


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Zeppelin has quickly progressed from work on the lunge line to the long-lines. The first day we introduced them he got quick when the lines were behind him. Most horses will react that way and start to run away from them. Instead of trying to hold the horse with the reins the trainer should try to run and keep up or let the lines go so the horse can get used to them dragging behind them. It is to my advantage that the indoor arena is smaller and I was able to keep up with him almost the entire time. I did drop them at one point when I was a little slow but he calmed down quickly and I was able to pick them back up again. It is important to have  no contact on the reins because the horse is so much stronger than you and he will quickly learn his strength. The trainer must be clever and use their body and quick half-halts to communicate with the horse. My coach Carolyn Rose is instructing me in the finer aids of long-lining to prepare Zeppelin for driving. I have done a lot of  long-lining with young horses in preparation for riding and now she is showing me how to further balance the horse for ground driving. She introduced Zeppelin to the outside rein and we practiced diagonals in the walk for a couple of days.  With Carolyn he did some trotwork on a smaller circle yesterday. He is doing great and today worked on walking straight on the rail with Carolyn directly behind him. He has been calmly carrying a rider at the walk with me leading him to make sure he behaves. We walk multiple circles in both directions with the rider leaning forward and back to pet his neck and his hind end. At the end of every training session we do some piaffe work to help him learn to engage the hind end. I start with walk to halt and then rein-back. We add the trot slowly because he is very willing to trot and sometimes tries to get too close to me. He is very affectionate and tends to crowd the handler so the piaffe training is teaching him to respect my space and keep his weight back on the haunches. Overall he is learning quickly and having a great time!!

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Zeppelin (3 year old Friesian gelding) trailered over to Isaac Royal Farm on Tuesday to begin his full-time training.


He has adjusted well and seems to enjoy his sessions. He has a  focused mentality and really tunes in to every aid I give him. We start out with free lunging on side reins to help him find his balance and develop his topline. He has a nice, high neck but that makes it harder to have him stretch over the back. The side reins are helping him find the way and his balance has improved over the past few days. He has a lively jump in the canter and shows great promise. The first day he had some difficulty with cross-cantering but since then he looks strong and balanced. We put him on the lunge line and he cantered for the first time on the lunge. During the summer I was easing him into it with gentle trot work so he wouldn’t get excited on the line. He cantered on the lunge like he had been doing it for years. He is respectful of the line and easily stays on the circle. Kaylee Clark will be assisting in the training by sitting on his back. She is an advanced young rider at Isaac Royal Farm on the Aspirant Program. The first day she just lay over him, patting him all over. The second day she sat on him, leaning forward and back, and shifting her weight around in the saddle. Today (the 3rd day) we repeated the same. Zeppelin’s training is under the watchful eye of Carolyn Rose, the head trainer/owner/instructor, and she helps to guide me while I work with him. His owner Jody is videotaping his progress which will be so valuable in the future to see his advancement.

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